by Cary Schmidt

In a world where there seems to be so many "saviors" and so many ways to "paradise," does it really matter what one believes about life, death, and eternity?  Or is it just important to "do good" in this life and trust that somehow and in some way that it will all "work out" in the end?  Are we really meant to aimlessly wander through life staggering at life's most important questions, or has God left humanity with a definitive "road map" that leads to the one door into heaven?  Please take a moment to read or listen to the following presentation.  Done: What Most Religions Don't Tell You about the Bible  is one of the easiest and clearest presentations of the "one way" to heaven that there is.  It is a simple book, pointing out the Bible's clearest truths about how one can be prepared for life's greatest mystery - death and what then.  Please take a moment to download the free e-book and then listen along as the author of "Done," Cary Schmidt, reads these pages.  It is our prayer, that you will come to the glorious conclusion that the way to heaven for you has already been "finished and done."  God bless you.