We have our first new media in the GRC. Phil Fitzgerald donated an entire set of CDs from the visiting minister Ben Shettler. We have the entire set available for checkout individually. There are 5 CDs.

  1. Noah and the Last Days with a message by Ken Hann, “Creation and the Last Days.”
  2. 180. The hottest movie on the Internet. 33 minutes that will rock your world. 
  3. Genius. It will open your eyes says Ken Mansfield, former US Manager of Apple Records.
  4. Audacity. Love can’t stay silent from Executive producer and writer Ray Comfort.
  5. Evolution VS God. Shaking the Foundations of Faith. Movie Guide says “Profound…. its research is impeccable.”

Any one or all of these are worth hearing. Thank you Fitzgeralds for your generosity in providing our first start for our media in the GRC.