Dr. Bill Gillham, author, Christian counselor, speaker, husband and father of four had a career as a professor of Psychology at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. Born in 1927, he passed away in 2011 leaving a legacy of thoughtful teaching and three books. His book “Lifetime Guarantee” is our December book of the month. He also wrote “What God Wishes Christians Knew about Christianity” and co-authored “He Said, She Said” (a great book on marriage) with his wife Anabel. 

Dr. Gillham and Anabel founded Lifetime Guarantee Ministries in 1976 and hosted a nationally syndicated radio program. He was a spokesman who spoke world wide about focusing on Christ and not religion. He had learned this first hand when he became burned out trying to work for and earn salvation rather than relaxing and letting Christ do the work through him. After finding the true grace of the gospel he went on to share this empowering truth that brings freedom and joy with as many people as possible. Through his writing and speaking ministry he reached many we are certain. Do come by the GRC and check out his book.