Digging deep into God's Word is what Kids4Truth Club is all about. Your children will have opportunities to sing, craft, play games, and earn prizes all while memorizing Bible verses, and understanding the Bible like you never imagined possible for their age! We welcome children four years of age through the sixth grade to join us on Wednesday evenings at 6:45 pm during the regular school year.

Ministry Leaders

Corey and Charlotte Doshier have been directing Kids4Truth club for several years. Their concern and care for children is evident in the way they serve in this ministry. The Doshiers are joined by our caring K4T workers who make this ministry possible. Our workers are trained to provide a safe and loving but fun environment in which to teach the next generation to love, know, believe and share the truths of the Bible.


Doctrinal Themes

Our Kids4Truth ministry is based upon twelve doctrinal themes. The themes are broken down into memory series with 10 questions, answers, and Bible verses.

The Different Levels

Each age group is divided into different levels. Each level has a different amount of material to cover than the previous. After completing a level, a new sash is awarded to the child.

  • Level One: The Discovers
  • Level Two: The Developers
  • Level Three: The Detectives
  • Level Four: The Defenders
  1. God’s Word – The Bible (The Bible is the only book that is God’s Word to us.)
  2. The Greatness of God (God is one of a kind and above all in His greatness.)
  3. The Goodness of God (God is loving and above all in His goodness.)
  4. The Trinity (There is only one God, and this one God is three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.)
  5. God’s Creation (God created everything out of nothing for His glory.)
  6. God's View of You (We are sinful and need God to forgive us.)
  7. God's Law (God wants me to love Him with all my heart.)
  8. Jesus Christ (Jesus Christ was and is all God and all man at the same time.)
  9. Salvation (Jesus Christ paid for our sins when He died on the cross.)
  10. God's Purpose for His Children (We must glorify God by becoming more like Jesus Christ in words, actions, and thoughts.)
  11. God's Work-Past & Present (God works in Creation to bring all plans to pass.)
  12. God's Plans For the Future (Jesus Christ is coming again and we must be ready.)