Sunday morning, May 24, sermon preached by Pastor Ryan Johnson.


Is it not amazing how the number "one" dominates our life? There are many ways that "one" gets in our way and proves its importance to us. Ever put a puzzle together of any size and get to the end be missing "one" piece? Oh, the agony!

What about trying to decide who gets the last cookie of the plate? It's easy to share when the plate is full, but when there is only "one" left...

This fall countless sports shows, radio programs, and fans will argue, debate and scream whose team is number "one."

There is also competition to be number "one." But when it comes to Jesus and His place in our lives and how we should follow and on us on Him there can be no debate! He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Wheat better approach to following Christ could there be than to use this truth as our starting point? 

Main Truth: Jesus and the Father are "one." How we follow Christ and listen to His teaching reveals what we really think about God and His place in our lives!

1. Jesus is our only _____ to Heaven!
2. Jesus is the only _____ that sets us free!
3. Jesus is the _____ of all believers! 


Christian, How is your journey going in following Christ? Do you follow Him as if all that matters, now and forever, or do you see Him as just another good thing in your life?  Christian, He is not just a good thing, He is the greatest thing to ever happen to you! 

Friend, Maybe you sit here this morning still seeking another way to heaven other than the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Please trust and believer Him when He says He is the only way to the Father! Today could be your day when you follow Him as your own Way, your only Truth and your only life!