Sunday morning, July 10, message from Pastor Brian McLaughlin.

"You've heard a lot this week, in the news, about what matters. These lives matter; or, these lives matter; as if one matters over another. I think there are a lot of questions that are probably going through our minds as we think about what our nation has faced this week. And in case you've been a hole all week and have not seen the news, we've seen several altercations with our law enforcement officers. By the way, law enforcement officers serve in a role where they aren't paid a lot of money, they go out into the world everyday, away from their families, facing uncertain circumstances, they might not come home that night. And with the invention of cell phone video today, every officer is being put under extra scrutiny. Several shootings happened this week, different individuals, over questionable situations, and then off course, towards the end of our week we know the story of how five officers lost their lives and several others were wounded. What is God's remedy for racism? How does the church stand..." 

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