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Sins We Protect

Sins We Protect Part 2

Sunday morning sermon preached on June 14, 2015 by Pastor Brian McLaughlin.


The church of Corinth was a church that found itself in a terribly pagan and corrupt city.  Unfortunately, this corruption influenced the church to the point that there were all kinds of sin found within the body of believers to differing degrees.  The question was, how would God address this church through the letter that Paul was sending to this congregation.  How would the sin best be confronted and combated so that the church could see cleansing and restoration?  And for that matter, what is the hope and remedy for indwelling sin in our lives?  Because if we are honest, we find a lot of “corinth” in us as well. 

The epistle to the Corinthians is a fascinating study because of how the book starts and where it starts from.  If it were me, I would dive right in to trying to “fix the bad behaviors” of the church and “call people on the carpet” immediately.  And often, that’s how we approach the problem of sin both personally and corporately.  But does that really work?  Or is God telling us through this letter a “better way” to handle sin when we see it in our lives?

Main Truth: Only the gospel gives to me the hope, assurance, power, and motivation that I need for facing the reality of continuing indwelling sin in my daily life and seeing it’s dominating grip lose it’s hold in my life.

How the Gospel Equips Us to Confront Indwelling Sin

  1. A Total ___________________________. 
  2. An Inward __________________________. 
  3. A Secured & Set Apart _________________________.
  4. A Continuing ___________________.  


The remedy for our sin is the gospel in it’s widest scope.  What I mean is that the gospel is not only Christ’s work “for us” but it is also Christ’s work “in us.”  He saves us not only from the penalty of sin, but also from it’s dominion and reigning power in our lives.  This beautiful truth is captured poignantly in the old hymn “Rock of Ages” when Augustus Toplady says, “Be of sin the double cure, cleanse me from its guilt and power.”  The gospel is the “double cure” for our sin and by starting and building from the right foundation, we can see a wonderful transformation in our lives because of His grace and glory!

Sins We Protect Part 1

Sunday morning, May 31, sermon preached by Pastor McLaughlin.


It started bout 8 to 10 years ago. It went unnoticed at first. Even though I was looking at myself in the mirror every day, I didn't notice a little bump on my head. It probably went unnoticed for the most part because there was no pain associated with it and because it grew so slowly. However about 5 years ago, I started to notice this bump. Again, not because of any pain, but because now my hairline was receding and because it seemed larger. Well, it finally came time to go to the doctor and get the news on what it is and how to fix it. 

The cocoa shared that the bump was just an annoying cyst of some kind, however the procedure to remove ti would be far more difficult now than if I had come in 5 years ago when it was smaller. That sounds familiar doesn't it? Sin rarely started out as a "large" noticeable issue in our lies, it seems very manageable at the time, but then we find that it takes over our lives rather quickly. The church today does a rather good job of identifying sin within our culture. There is no shortage of outrage over the evils of our society as swells as it should be. But what seems amazing is the fact of what sins we allow to go unchecked in our lives. 

Main Truth: The church should be cornered not only with the "major sins" of our society, but also with the sins we tend to "minimize" within the church and the lives of the saints. 

1. Sin _____ the Fall

2. Sin _____ Us All

3. Jesus _____ It All


It all started with a choice in a garden. The sin that day would not have seemed like huge descent into evil to us, but it as the sin that ruined and caused every other sin. Thankfully, there was another choice made in another garden where our final representative made the choice to trust His Heavenly Father. he paid the price for every sin because the price for every sin is death. Today, we rejoice in the finished work of Jesus for our sin and we desire, by His grace, to have clean lives, even from the sins that we tend to tolerate, excuse, and minimize in our own lives.