A New Book That explains the age and history of the Universe

A new book that just arrived can cause you to reexamine every thing you thought you knew about the Universe and Astronomy. Dr. Lisle, the author, is a world class expert in this field and uses the Bible as the true authority in proving what is and is not true. This is not unscientific either. Dr. Lisle uses known provable physics and other scientific principles to show how the Universe cannot possibly be the age science says it is, billions of years old. One way he does this is to show how much our moon moves away from earth in a certain period of time. If it was as ancient as scientists say it would have moved so far away we could not even see it. Also the principles of the speed of light cannot be squared with what we are taught in our science books. His explanations are mind blowing and make such sense one cannot dismiss them. Challenges are raised with much of what we all have been taught, a lot of it fallible and incorrect. This book will help you better understand creation and to appreciate our great God and the Trinity even more.

I know prior to reading this book I had never even heard these truths. I was one of those persons who said “Well, God’s day was not one of our days.” And told myself other types explanations we have all heard.

As I read Taking Back Astronomy I found myself saying “WOW! over and over. This is a book that both young people and adults of all ages can understand as it is most readable and may I mention extremely well illustrated with excellent and beautiful photos of nebula and other views of the Universe. We also have his com[anion book Stargazer.s Guide to the Night Sky complete with a CD.

To reserve either of these books for checkout email me at dorisdsr3@gmail.com or call 256-565-8264 for me, Doris Jones or leave a message for me at Fairview Church 256-353-8942. First contact gets to check out either book first. After that get on the waiting list. This book gets an extremely high recommendation from me and was chosen for our GRC by Pastor Brian McLaughlin who has a great interest as we all know in Astronomy and his grandfather was an engineer on the NASA Saturn project. He comes by it naturally but adds to this interest in Astronomy by giving credit to the inventor and creator of the Universe, our Father the Amazing God who made everything and even supplied us with a manual and handbook, the Bible. So how can we not appreciate books and knowledge? This is what our Fairview GRC is all about.. Come by and visit.