Children’s Library | Room 243

We have a large number of books of all types from cookbooks to children’s books, from resource books and Bible study volumes to good Christian fiction. These are available for you to take at any time. Staff need not be present.

We have a lock box permanently attached. If possible, leave a donation of 50 cents for soft cover and $1 for hard cover books. If you have no cash please go ahead and take the books. We want them to be used. We do not specifically recommend any book nor any author. Fairview Church may or may not support claims or positions in these books as we have not read all of them. Should you wish to make a larger donation to the GRC you are welcome to leave it in the lock box in cash or as a check. Donations may be made on line or left at the Fairview office. All donations will go for Bible translation. Right now that is Bible translations being done for the Ma’adi people of Uganda. 

We will be adding cushions and seating for use by children at story and movie time we will have soon in room 243. This will be a place our children and youth can relax and enjoy good books and good Bible based information as well as crafts and other fun. I will be adding a children’s Bible based mural on the wall also. 

Keep watching room 243 for great changes and new uses.